Manufacturer and wholesaler of rubber and sealants.

NEN ISO26000

ISO 26000 is an international guideline for CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). This guideline is officially called "Guidance on Social Responsibility". ISO 26000 helps organizations to define their social responsibilities and gives advice on embedding CSR within organizations. ISO 26000 is also trying to introduce a uniform CSR conceptual framework. Questions answered by the directive include:

• What is CSR about?
• What are relevant CSR themes?
• How can I draft and implement a CSR policy?
• How do I create commitment to CSR among (internal and external) stakeholders?
How do I optimize my current CSR policy and create a clearer CSR profile for my organization?

Hofland Deltaflex is one of the first companies in our branch organization NRK to have signed the NEN ISO26000 declaration.

CSR has been very important to our company for many years. Not just for environmental reasons: we also support many social initiatives and projects (both national and international, such as the HICK foundation and the Younior Foundation, which helps children and orphans in Kenia, Bosnia, and Kosovo). In addition, we actively encourage companies to hire employees with physical or mental handicaps.