Manufacturer and wholesaler of rubber and sealants.


Manufacturing molded products is one of the main activities of Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek. Thanks to our extensive range of compression and injection presses, we can offer our clients a myriad of production possibilities — be it in small or large series, custom-made or mass production.

Hofland Deltaflex has about 15 compression presses in different dimensions (from 400 x 400 mm to 1,500 x 1,500 mm). We also have many possibilities for injection molding.

By combining modern techniques with traditional production methods, Hofland Deltaflex can quickly switch from one product to the next, which often means that, if required, we can start production immediately.

We can work with almost every type of compound. Our high temperature machines enable us to use special compounds such as Viton®, -GF and -GFLT. Colored compounds (almost every RAL color) pose no problem for us either.

In addition, Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek has considerable experience in producing composite products (rubber onto metal and rubber onto plastics).

We can also assist you in engineering all of your products.