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Spiral-Wound Gaskets

Spiral-wound gaskets consist of a spirally wound V-shaped metal strip with a soft filler material. The metal strip provides outstanding recovery while the flexible filler guarantees excellent sealing. This combination of materials makes the spiral-wound gasket suitable for sealing under severely fluctuating temperature and pressure conditions. Depending on its application, the spiral-wound gasket can be specified with or without an inner and outer ring.

Spiral-wound gaskets are suitable for use across a wide gasket stress range. Spiral-wound gaskets can be used to seal fluid pressures up to 250 bar and cryogenic elevated temperatures up to 1000 degrees. Its robust design makes the spiral-wound gasket easy to install without damage, although care should be taken when transporting and installing large diameter gaskets without inner or outer guide rings.
The outer ring simplifies assembly and prevents blowout of the gasket. By combining different winding materials and metals, the gasket can be tailored to suit a wide variety of operating conditions. The gasket is non-adhesive, can be easily removed, and will not damage flange surfaces.

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