Manufacturer and wholesaler of rubber and sealants.


We have a large and diverse range of machinery at our disposal, making us a unique player in the rubber market. We employ virtually all rubber production methods. This, in addition to our long history of producing rubber, makes Hofland Deltaflex an interesting partner for the manufacture of both standard and custom-made products in both large and small series. We offer an enormous range of rubber, hoses, gaskets, and soft PVC products, making Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek an appealing supplier for companies of any size.




Molding products

Our production facilities in Tolbert boast roughly 16 vulcanization presses of various dimensions. The largest press is approximately 1,500 x 1,500 mm. We have an extensive range of production methods for small series production. Our large diversity in presses generally allows us to start production almost straight away – on the condition that the mold and compound are in stock. The molds are made by several suppliers close to our production facilities in Tolbert. The standard compounds are normally available from stock. If not, we begin production in about two to three weeks. Shortly after starting production we can start delivering in parts.

We employ injection molding for large series production.





Molds and tooling

New products require new molds. These costs are passed on to the customer. The tooling remains property of Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek. It is not possible to claim replacement if a tool is unusable for some reason. We guarantee our customers that the products made from the custom-made mold are intended exclusively for them.







Our extrusion facilities can handle both small-scale (minimally 100 meters in length, depending on the dimensions of the profile) and large-scale orders (kilometers in length). Our delivery times are relatively short. We communicate the progress to the customer throughout the entire process (from sampling to delivery). We can make profiles out of almost all types of rubber, including TPE.

Examples of extrusion products are:

  • Tank seals
  • Hatch profiles
  • Gaskets for ship doors
  • Fenders
  • Autoclave gaskets
  • Door and window profiles
  • Gasket profiles (also co-extrusion)

The manufacture of extrusion tools is part of the production process and is realized at our own production facilities. The ownership rules for tools are the same as those for molds.




We have various machines for cutting. 


(CNC) Cutting

Our Aristo cutting machine enables us to manufacture products very quickly by cutting them from rubber or gasket sheeting material and soft PVC. If you can supply us with a drawing and we have the basic material in stock, we can usually have your product ready while you wait. The thickest material we can cut is about 10-15 mm. Thicker material must be cut with a water jet, which we can also do for you.




Die cutting

We have various die cutting machines with a cutting range of up to 2,000 x 800 mm. We use it for both small and large orders.









Our slitting machines make it possible to cut strips from rubber, regenerated rubber, and PVC sheeting material.