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Hofland Deltaflex and Hevea Holding join forces

Tolbert, December 2021

June 16th 2021 was exactly 15 years from the date on which René Hoekzema took over Hofland Deltaflex Rubbertechniek B.V. (hereafter: HDRT). During his period at the helm, René, together with a team of enthusiastic co-workers, built the business into the steady and vital organisation that it is today.

The past few years have taken a heavy personal toll on René, who has had to face serious health problems on several occasions. Fortunately, René could rely on his colleagues, who were totally committed to the continuation of the business during his absence, and has now recovered, but the numerous surgeries and treatments he has had to undergo have made serious inroads into his energy reserves, and realising plans and ambitions has become an increasingly daunting challenge as a result.

At the same time, Hevea Holding, owner of RIS Rubber Nederland and its Bulgarian establishment, was looking to extend its activities. The company’s ambition to be capable of offering the widest possible range of rubber products to its customers was the starting point for a cooperation with HDRT. HDRT turned out to be a highly valuable complement to the activities of the business, and at the same time René could be relieved of some of his burden. We are now proud to announce that HDRT
officially became part of Hevea Holding as of 1 January 2021.

For you, as a customer, things will hardly change. HDRT will remain a fully autonomous business located in Tolbert. All staff will remain in the employ of HDRT, as will  René, who continues to serve as director. Now that the support from the other businesses in the group has relieved him of many of his former tasks, he will be empowered to expand his current ambitions and plans.

Thanks to this joining of forces, HDRT now also has the capability to supply larger series, as well as providing larger moulded products and test facilities.

Please take a look of the new website of Hevea Holding.